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Wifi Internet Speed Hack Tool to Get Fast Speed

By  Usman Ali     13:34     

 Hack any Private or Public Wifi Network using Netcut Tool. 

Today we are going to discuss a very interesting software that will help you to receive a large portion of bandwidth on a shared WiFi connection. This software is known as NetCut and is a very powerful wifi hacking tool. NetCut wifi software uses the ARP spoofing method to get into a shared network. I have myself used NetCut wifi hack multiple times, in cafe, school, college and in my Hostel. Hence, I can assure that this will work 100% with all system.

Netcut Features

Administer your network based on ARP protocol using NetCut, a classic and user friendly software. It can perform multiple tasks like listing IP-MAC table in seconds, turn the network on & off on any LAN computer or device like routers and switchers. Also in the latest version, you can also change the MAC address on any adapter.

With NetCut you can easily manage and track network events and protect users from ARP SPOOF based attacks with only one click! Also you can cut down any computer’s gateway network connection in no time using pure ARP protocol kernel enhanced cut off function keeping it trace free (nobody will be able to trace what happened).

NetCut works great on many type of networks like home LAN, office LAN, school LAN or even ISP LAN.

Easy to use: One click to Protect user Computer Function!!! No one in the network can cut you off with ARP spoof technology anymore .

Effective: one Click to Cut down any computer s network connection to the gateway. 
IYFT:Get all IP addresses of the computers in your LAN(Local Area Network) in Secs
High applicability:Work in office LAN,school LAN,or even ISP LAN 
Have Fun with play the online computer make them online or off line remotely 

Safe: TRACE Free, No one will TRACE out what happen 
and last More Stable,swich-hub or hub or cable lan any Lan use Ethernet

So if you are getting slow speed in a shared WiFI network, NetCut is just for you. In below tutorial we will discuss the advantages of NetCut and steps to use it. NetCut is comparatively very easy software and does not take time to get properly configured.

Step to Disable Wifi using Netcut Wifi Network Hack Tool:

  1. Download NetCut wifi software and Install it (Official website of NetCut: http://www.arcai.com/download-free-100.html)
  2. Restart your PC and run NetCut wifi software by clicking on the NetCut icon
  3. NetCut will scan your network and then display the list of different users connected to that network.
Disable Wifi Using Netcut Hacking Tool
  1. Select any user’s IP address and then click on “Cut OFF”
  2. The internet connection to that user will be disabled, hence letting you to use additional speed.
  3. You can also cut the internet of more than one user.
  4. To resume internet connection, just select the Ip address of that user(Whose internet was cut off) and click on “Resume”

Netcut Wifi Hacking
  1. You are done. You can try this step anywhere, in schools, colleges etc. Note that users that already have NetCut wifi software are secured with Netcut, hence, you cannot disable their internet connection.
Hope that you have successfully understood the above process. It is quite easy to use NetCut in Windows. You can perform different hacks once you have got the MAC address. Hence, NetCut wifi hack can be used in many ways to hack a PC remotely.

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