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Change Your Facebook Color Scheme

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Change Your Facebook Color Scheme

Ever wanted to change the color of your Facebook profile. This post is just for you. I have seen many people boasting about sites which change the facebook theme/layout/skin. But they are all scams. They ask you to like/share/comment on stuff, and then skin will change. But nothing happens. Here's a free app for you and a very detailed guide on how to use it. Just follow the instructions and your facebook layout will change within minutes.

Go to Colormyfacebook

Download the application

Follow the setup

(Option1 - Select advanced and deselect the 3 checkboxes. They are toolbars that will automatically get installed if you select Quick, and your homepage will change too. Follow the picture. Option2 -  If you want to support the developer (I'm not the developer, its someone else), then select quick. He gets paid for it. Help him keep the software free.)

As soon as the installation is over, reload or open your facebook profile. It'll look like this-

But pink is most probably not the color you'd want. So follow this picture

After clicking the button, you'll see a box like this. Enter the color code that you want. Have fun.

If you don't know the hexadecimal code for the color you want, this website can convert color into hex code - link

Now, in case you finally decide, I'm done with this, so here's a quick guide how to uninstall -
  1. Go to my computer
  2. Locate the Uninstall Programs button
  3. Find the FacebookColorChanger app, and click uninstall
  4. Follow this pic if something is not clear.

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