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Windows 8 Pro Password Reset / Recovery

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Windows 8 Pro Password Reset / Recovery

Windows 8 Pro Password Reset ? Yes This is right article if If you forget your windows 8 administrator password and want to Recover it , well you can easily recover your password.
To Reset windows 8 Password you have to have Windows 8 DVD in order to complete this trick.

Steps to Reset Windows 8 Pro Password

  1. Insert DVD in you DVD Room
  2. Boot from DVD
  3. Click on Repair your Computerwindows 8.1 administrator password recovery repaire computer
  4. Select Troubleshoot Option

    windows 8.1 administrator password recovery Troubleshoot
  5. Select Advance Option and then Select Command Prompt
  6. Command Prompt Window will open up.
  7. type ” notepad gui ” and press enter
  8. Navigate to C:/windows/system32
  9. Rename this file sethc.exe to cmd2.exe
  10. rename cmd.exe file to sethc.exe
  11. Restart your System(Do not boot from DVD this time)
  12. press shift key for 5-6 times
  13. type this command in cmd ” net user “
  14. now type this command ( net user “yourUserName” yourNewPassword )

    Windows 8 Pro Password Reset newpass

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