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How To Recover Data From Your Memory Card Or USB Or Hard Disk Partition By Using Software Recuva?

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To day our topic is How to recover data from your memory card or USB or hard disk partition by using software Recuva. So i will discuss on data that are lost by mistake. Data recovery is not a difficult task but if data is overwrite from where you want to recover data then you cannot recover it. For example if data is deleted or format from USB and you copy data other data on USB then you cannot recover your old data. But if you didn't copy ay data on your USB then you can recover data from your USB.
Now question is that how to recover data from USB or memory card or from hard disk? There are some simple steps to recover your data are given below.

1: Download and install Recuva in your system. Download link is given below

Download Link

2: Now open Recuva software and click Next Button

3: Choose your own option that you want like pictures music etc or if you want to recover all files then check All Files and then click on Next

4: Now select directory from where you want to recover your data. Click on Browse Button.

5: Choose directory from where you want to recover data. In my case i am recovering data from my USB device. and then click OK and then click on Next button.

6: Now check "Enable Deep Scan" and then click on Start Button.

7: Scanning of your device is start as you are watching below

8: All files that are found shown in the below dialog box.

9: Check files that you want to recover or you can check all files by checking check box that is high lighted. And then click Recover button.

10:  Now select directory where you want to keep recovered files. and then click on OK button

11: Recovering of data is started 

12: When recovery is completed you will see a dialog box as given below. Click OK your data is recovered. :-)

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